Custom Coachella Shirts

Festival season is here! Come have a drink and meet other festival goers at this fun and fashionable event that will get you in the Coachella mood!

We’ll help you create your own personalized gear or you can create group tees and tanks.


-FREE RSVP + 20% off any custom shirts and complimentary drinks


-$10 for a Pre-designed shirt Coachella Shirt

What will we provide?

* Graphic designers to help you create that perfect design for your festival wear.

* Live printing so you can walk away from the event with all of your new favorite outfits.

* Blank shirts and tanks will be available for purchase in a variety of styles and colors. You can bring your own apparel too, but please note that our printer does NOT print on dark clothing. Light colors, neons, and white are the best choices.

* Tasty beverages for the 21+ crowd.

Email the organizers with any questions about apparel compatibility.

Hope to see you this weekend!!

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