What Makes New Years So Exciting?!

I love New Year s because it signifies the end of a chapter, one that probably didn t reach my highest expectations yet holds the hopes, the dreams, and the possibilities of a whole new year There are so many things to look forward to besides the obvious like a surplus of football games on television, holiday hustle and bustle, or even a giving spirit of the season. Unless your year was absolutely positively perfectly fulfilled in every way it s natural to get engrossed in the holiday spirit and hope. Having something to look forward to really helps. This can be useful to get rid of the bored/sad feeling you get when something exciting is over. 1. Start on your hobbies: Maybe you like to collect lacey things? Or maybe you want to become a better cook? Whatever the activity it may be reserve some time to work on it. Do not overload and stress yourself out. Hobbies are only hobbies when they are enjoyed! 2. Meet friends! This might be easy for extroverts but for some introverts (or the

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