San Franciscans Voted Most Attractive People in America

Heh, heh, heh can a city blush? Travel+Leisure recently released their annual survey of 35 favorite cities in the U.S. Visitors voted San Francisco the city with the most attractive people. That s a 10-spot leap from last year. Looks like someone s been moisturizing. We re a modest group of nomads: Actual San Francisco residents voted us number 18 in the looks department. Umm would anyone else care for another slice of this humble pie? Obviously we wouldn t be San Francisco without a little self-deprecation. Clearly we downgraded ourselves out of modesty, that s all. It s part of our charm. I think it is because San Francisco is a healthy city. We jog by the bay and dine guilt free by night. Being stylish and snappy dressed eventually paid off. We re all that and a bag of chips too! San Francisco was also voted number one for fine-dining, gay friendliness, tech-savvy, wine bars, home decor and intelligence.


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