The Most Fascinating New Year Traditions on Earth

1. What: Burning Scarecrow Where: Ecuador Why: It is believed burning scarecrows banishes any ill fortune or bad things that happened in the past year, Ecuadorians set fire to scarecrows filled with paper at midnight on New Year’s Eve. They also burn photographs of things that represent the past year, which leads us to believe that New Year is just a thinly veiled excuse for Ecuadorian pyromaniacs to set things on fire. 2. What: Round Anything Where: Philippines Why: Pinoys love money and New Years is all about the reaping the greens. Hoping to bring prosperity and wealth for the year ahead, Filipino people try to use as many round things as possible to represent coins and wealth. The practice is popular in soft culture. Japan s top hit TV show, Pokémon, became inspired from this tradition. 3. What: Breaking Plates Where: Denmark Why: If you’re ever in Denmark and wake up to find a pile of smashed crockery outside your door, it’s New Year’s Eve. Unused plates are saved up all


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