Top 5 Most Horrible Songs 2013

1. Rebecca Black – Saturday What did I JUST write!? Rebecca Black is an unsigned performer who is known for ONE song, and she’s known for it because of how stupid it was, and because people posted it on everyone’s Facebook walls saying “Oh man, you gotta check out how bad this is!” because that’s what people do… they’re more likely to share something that’s awful than something that’s of some sort of value. Saturday is just an attempt to stretch her 15 minutes of viral fame into 15 more minutes of viral fame. Let me know when she’s signed and is putting out legitimate songs off an album. Then maybe we’ll talk. 2. Alison Gold s Chinese Food After balling I go clubbing Then I m hugging Now I m hungry What..??? Hey, guys, hell is full and this song is proof. Alison Gold has other songs that are just as terrible. The music videos themselves shows an extremely awkward caked makeup pre-teen whose parents were rich enough to score her her own 15 minutes of fame aft


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