Paul Rudd Is One Direction’s #1 Fan, Dan Charles, on Saturday Night Live (video)

Harry! Styles! Harry! Styles! Paul Rudd hosted Saturday Night Live with Musical guest One Direction on Saturday and besides bringing on the cast of Anchorman 2 (Steve Carrell, David Koechner and Will Ferrell), acted as Dan Charles (One Direction s #1 fan) is one of the funniest sketches this season. Check it out the video here: Paul Rudd on Saturday Night Live Hosting his 3rd SNL in five years , Paul Rudd is now firmly has definitely made his mark. His Dan Charles character is extra creepy the most innocent way. Rudd hits the mark as he screams with excitement as the boy band s number one fan. He s so excited at one point in the sketch, that he actually he spits as he s talking. He even crushes one young fan s hopes of marrying Zayn when he tells her, I absolutely hate to tell you this, but you re not. I know what Zayn s into, and it s definitely not you. In one of those funny on tv, but F d up in real life moments, Dan at a One Direction concert instead of being with his pregnant wif


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