How to Have a Safe New Year in San Francisco

It s ALL about Location, Location, Location! The Tenderloin is named because the police who were assigned to patrol this area gets an extra stipend, allowing them to buy better meat (tenderloin) for their meals. It is one of the seediest parts of town, despite being mere blocks from the secure Union Square area. The Tenderloin is relatively harmless during the day, but gets downright scary at night. South of Market is very quiet, especially at night, except around certain bars and clubs Friday and Saturday nights. There have been occasional shootings outside clubs. You probably do not want to be in this area if you are drunk. The area is full of homeless folks who may be panhandling (begging) for spare change. Most are harmless, but some may be more persistent. You might definitely want to avoid this area in San Francisco. Map of San Francisco s Japantown (also including Chinatown and South of Market). Golden Gate Park gets very dark at night, and visitors are NOT welcome. There is no

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