9 Ways To Recover After A New Years Eve Party

If you passed out before removing your makeup, immediately upon waking up head over to your bathroom and wash your face. Grab anything that will get you clean before you fall back into a sleeping slumber. Wash your face with warm water since the heat opens up your pores and also prevents you from being shocked awake. Vaseline is also an appropriate eye makeup remover. Now your face is washed and clean? Good! If you have one, implement your night time regiment like normal then… go back to sleep! Even for just a few hours that will do miracles to your skin and your mental well being. Remember that today is for pampering the princess within you. When you wake up again, it’s time for an all over body cleaning. If the tub is clean, it’s time to submerge yourself in the tub with some essential oils blended into the bathwater. I recommend a few drops of rosemary oil. Relaxing with some essential oils does the body good. Scrub off every last bit of body glitter and let your body return


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