The Personal Checklist For A Night Out

Holiday set of Chapsticks Chapstick Chapsticks not only save your lips from the wind and blisters but they also come in tinted colors now! Try the tinted Burt’s Bees chapstick, in a tight pinch they can be used as cheek blush, lip color as well as a basic chapstick. Adorable, pink, and light blue chargers. Cell Phone and Charger Never forget your cell phone and charger at home! Also remember to keep it on your body at all times. Losing a smart phone could lead to identity theft, overcharges, and an extreme amount of trouble. The SF Muni trains have outlets underneath some of the Muni seats for your cell phone charger. Bringing along lotion and sunscreen are a lifesaver! Face Moisturizer and Sunscreen. Dry skin can make your other wised flawless made up face look like poorly executed self care. Cute little rainbow water bottles. Bottled Water Yes, it is very annoying to haul around what can be found anywhere. But do remember to take bottled water with you. Drink some water to lighten


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