Lucky Foods For A Lucky New Year

Longevity Noodles Asian traditions calls for longevity noodles on New Years and Birthdays. It symbolizes a long healthy life due to the length of each individual noodle. The noodles cannot be broken during cooking or else it would be considered bad luck to eat. The noodles are usually boiled in chicken stock or stir-fried. Longevity noodles often eaten around New Years. 2. Eight Round Fruits I guess it is a double luck score! Not only are round fruits such as oranges and figs are considered lucky, but the number 8 is also very lucky. It means wealth, infinite wealth. Assembling eight round fruits on New Years have been traditionally speculated to bring in wealth. 8 Kumquat on Branch 3. Pork Countries like Cuba, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Austria believes pigs symbolize progressive behavior because of the way pigs eat. They push their snout through the dirt to find their food; it symbolizes life, hardships, and the never ending struggle for progress. 4. Fish (in Asia) Fish is cons


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