Thanksgiving vs. Christmas Top 10

Top Reasons Thanksgiving is better than Christmas: People chatter nonstop about Christmas and New Years this time of year.  Everyone s proclaimed favorite holiday is Halloween.  There s only one day with no pressure, no gifts, no dress code, no expectations other than getting wasted, watching tv, taking a nap, and feeding your face.  Thanksgiving is the one time of year someone amongst your friends and family is cooking somewhere and everyone is too hungover and full to be mad you showed up.  Black Friday is the next day and you can drown your gift giving woes in gravy and egg nog for the time being.  Everyone is a football fan, and no one can believe how early Christmas advertisements started this year. 1.  No gifts, no pressure, no judgment.  Eat as much as you want,  Drink as much as you want, no one cares if your naughty or nice, and you re too full of food to be angry. 2.  Thanksgiving Eve Everyone from highschool is in town and it s not annoying.  Everyone will be hung


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