For a BEAR-able New Years Eve: Rummy Gummies

Celebrate with an easy and adorable recipe called rummy gummies conjured up in the mind of a mad man. This is fantastic for New Years whether you’re helping to build the hype or hate the hype. The solution to both is to get drunk. Is there a noisy party next door? Well, that would bother you less if you’re hammered. Step 1: Grab Some Gummy You are welcome to purchase any type of basic gummies and use any color – just remember gummies are usually flavored differently based on colors, so get a flavor you would enjoy. Because this is New Years Eve, I recommend using lighter brighter colors like clears and yellows and a lighter liquid. The Greatest Treats in the World. Step 2: Bears and Booze The freedom of which booze to use is completely yours. If you like it, use it. Just make sure the gummies you use are soft and unopened. Expired or soon-to-expire gummies harden so you would end up having to soak them for longer. Soon the gummies will begin to bloat and might retain the color o


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