Surviving the BART Strike

There is no worse way to start a work week than having BART on Strike. BART began operations on September 11, 1972, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has serviced generations of San Franciscans to-and-fro the East Bay, Oakland, San Mateo and Santa Clara for over four decades. As the transit union began strike in July, here is a list of alternatives for commuters to arrive accordingly at their destination. BART Bus Services: There will be 5-15 chartered BART buses on duty every weekday. These chartered buses will run from 5AM to 8PM. BART provides round trip charter bus services for roughly 6000 commuters. That number is unfortunately still significantly less than the hundreds of thousands that ride BART on any given day so read on kids! Carpooling: If you have a friend with some wheels, now it’s a good time to hit them up. Offer to compensate for skyrocketing gas prices at the pump as a gesture of instant-karma. Remember to register for FasTrak to speed up commute. And thanks to the


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