San Francisco Fireworks: 5 Best Viewing Options on New Years Eve

San Francisco Fireworks: 5 Ways to enjoy them best San Francisco Fireworks Guide: Every year the City of San Francisco puts on a free fireworks shows over the Bay. The fireworks are launched from barges off of pier 14, between Mission and Folsom Streets.  If you are planning on spending a low key New Years Eve in San Francisco, head down to the water by 11:30 pm.  Make sure to dress warm, as SF can be quite chilly on New Years Eve. Bring a coat and a hat. It s better safe than freezing. If freezing your ass off along the Embarcadero in a sea of 20,000 others doesn’t sound like a fun way to enjoy the fireworks, you should consider going to one of the venues along the Street. There are a lot, but many have private events or will fill up early. Here is a list of 5 good options for viewing the San Francisco Fireworks: 1. Events with a view If you plan to make a big night of it with Dinner, Hotel, Limousine and a great New Year s Eve Party then some parties definitely stand out from th


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